Hi! I'm Darrian. And for those of you who just took a double-take, Darrian, not Darren. TRUST ME EVEN I DO THAT. I'm bisex (or bi-curious). I love Klaine. But, I'm a Chris Colfer fan. However, Starkid has a very important place in my heart as well, and not just because they have Darren Criss. People who watched it just because Darren Criss was in it should be shot. I MEAN WHAT :D Joey Richter, Brian Holden, Joe Walker, and everyone else are just as amazing. So, please enjoy my blog! Klaine forever <3 This a Klaine, Glee, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Starkid fanblog. Once I watch enough of Doctor Who, it'll be of that as well. Enjoy!

"Music, to me, is the sound of meaning and is the embodiment of things you can't put into words. It is the empowerment of ideas through sound. And it means the world to me because it's what I enjoy to do." -Darren Criss

Best. Video. Ever. Well one of them at least.
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Anonymous prompted: klaine trying to join sam’s celibacy club (and lasting like, two days)

"So you’re saying that in order to support the person who always ends up sex-blocking us anyway—"

"It’s called cockblocking, but continue," Blaine says quickly, letting out a surprised huff of breath when Kurt squeezes his ass for interrupting.

"—we should join his little abstinence club and give up sex altogether," Kurt finishes, deadpan.

"It’s only temporary, and I think it could really help with our- our self-control and, oh, Kurt, what are you—”

Kurt pulls back from pressing quick kisses over Blaine’s throat to say, “If we’re really doing this, then this is our last night of intimacy for a while, isn’t it?”

Blaine swallows, nodding. He expected more protesting, but then again, he’s not about to complain.

"Then you better rock my world, buddy,” Kurt growls, and Blaine just beams, letting Kurt roll them over so he can do just that.

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awklaine prompted: Please write single father!Kurt and Blaine’s fist date! I’ll love you forever (sequel to this)

Kurt wakes up to pancakes and orange juice, the way he usually does when Blaine stays the night. He finds Sophie and Blaine immersed in a deep, philosophical discussion about jelly bean flavors, and he smiles back when Blaine beams at him from where he’s perched up on the counter. They eat breakfast together, the three of them, and it’s comfortable in a way that—as Kurt’s only realized just now—has always been.

Blaine picks up his bag, and Kurt walks him to the door, reminding him of their impending dinner later that night. They haven’t made actual plans yet, and it’s okay, because Kurt tells him that they’ll just figure it out. They’ve always been good at last-minute arrangements, so Blaine doesn’t say anything more but another ‘goodbye’ before heading out.

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anonymous prompted: blaine is a friend of single father!kurt and will occasionally babysit for kurt while he goes on dates looking for someone to be the perfect other parent for his child. one day he comes home from a horrible date and sees blaine and baby asleep on the couch and has a epiphany about blaine



Kurt doesn’t have second thoughts when he calls Blaine to come over on such short notice because he knows that he never has anything planned on Fridays and the weekends (he would know if he does; he’s usually the first person he calls for fashion advice if he gets a date or gets invited to a party, which he rarely ever goes to these days) and he’s told Kurt several times not to hesitate to call him if he ever needs someone to babysit Sophie. So he doesn’t.

It doesn’t take Blaine more than an hour for him to get to Kurt’s apartment whenever he calls him over because he’s always looking forward to babysitting, and he’s probably more enthusiastic than someone who’s paid to do it. He’d come over, hauling a bag of DVDs and storybooks and coloring pages, and sometimes, he’d sleep over and make fun pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice the next morning.

And it’s not like he’s not getting anything out of it, despite his polite protests and ‘you can’t keep buying me things, Kurt—you’re not a sugar daddy!’ because Kurt buys him things, anyway, like season tickets for the Yankees and dinner reservations for him and his dates at that fancy restaurant at Fifth that only a person with high-end privileges from work can get last-minute reservations to. Kurt tells him that it’s just his way of saying thank-you, and Blaine really can’t refuse such tempting offers, and—well, these are just the kind of things friends do for each other, right?

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Fic: White Wedding


Kurt does not want a white wedding by any stretch of the imagination. NC-17. 

Blaine catches a corner of the fitted sheet Kurt tosses across the bed as they go through their Sunday morning switch to fresh sheets and Kurt fills the silence throughout the loft by saying, “I’ve been doing some more thinking on our wedding.”

“Do I seem down? I’m okay, honestly, it’s just been a long week. You don’t need to cheer me up with wedding plans.”

They are going to overuse their wedding as a surefire way to cheer the other if they continue this pattern. They talk colors and invitations and dream venue more to enjoy the fantasy than to actually make decisions. Their wedding is something to look forward to and there’s no budget to mind on daydreaming. The future is inviting, or manageable at its worst, with the reminder that Kurt will be there as long as he lives.

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FIC: Hands All Over (Kurt/Blaine); NC-17


Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 (2,110 words)

Summary: Blaine is devastated over news of Adam Levine’s marriage. Kurt is quick to remind him he has a tattooed fiancé of his own. Featuring fingering and anal. 

Kurt steps out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his neck and his silk bathrobe caressing his shower-damp, perfumed skin. He finds Blaine splayed out across their shared mattress, naked but for a pair of tight green briefs, balancing his laptop on his belly. Kurt smiles, warmth rising in his chest, and wonders if this is a sight that will ever stop feeling new, novel, impossible: he has a fiancé he can shamelessly ogle whenever he wants without fear or the quiet agony of anticipated rejection. Just a couple of years out of high school and all this, Blaine’s biceps, his chest, ass, cock, and loving smiles are his. Kurt’s eyes scan his fleshy, tawny form appreciatively before he fixates on the crinkle of his brow and feels his heart drop.

“Blaine? Is everything okay?” Blaine looks uncharacteristically put-out, eyes drooping and mouth slanted downward. The pronounced dim in his usual full-body glow has Kurt feeling suddenly, radically off-center, somehow unclean even despite the mingled smells of water and oatmeal soap still sitting in his nostrils.

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Gladys and I did a collab with more hotel room shenanigans! NSFW image below the cut: 
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Gladys and I did a collab with more hotel room shenanigans! NSFW image below the cut: 

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Erotic Exploration, Adoration - NC17


written by endofadream - after the engagement, Kurt and Blaine head back to Blaine’s house, where they rediscover their passion and love and talk about just what their forever together might mean.

Lyric title from the song “Robots in Love”


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FIC: Like A Fiery Beacon; Kurt/Blaine (NC-17)


Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 (~2k words)

Summary: Kurt and Blaine try 69ing. Written for the anon who prompted it based off of the top right corner of this lovely piece of fanart. Featuring oral and rimming. 

Mid-frottage, with Kurt’s lube-wet cock sliding rhythmically against his hip, it had seemed like a great idea. 

“We should try sixty-nining,” Blaine had blurted out, dropping his head back to watch Kurt’s eyes snap open, dark in the dimness of the room and looking lust-hazy.

Kurt had been quiet for a few moments, still thrusting.

“I don’t think that’s a thing people even do,” he’d finally said, mouth twisting skeptically even as the drag of his cock against Blaine’s skin grew faster and more frantic. 

“It is,” Blaine assured him, rocking his own hips up with a punctuating grunt. He saw it happen in porn all the time, after all. “It’s a thing.”

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four words: captain america kurt fanart

"Sam no, don’t.”

Sam can’t actually be telling the attractive (like, really attractive) Captain America cosplayer. (Seriously, his butt is better than Chris Evans’). They’ve been at Comic Con for two days now. They’ve barely been back to their hotel room and being on the floor, pushed up against the rest of the people here in the heat, Blaine must be so gross. 

Besides that, Sam has to be the most embarrassing friend ever. And oblivious, because he’s still trying to work the camera. 

Blaine finally looks out from behind his hands. The cosplayer is looking at him with a little smile. 

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Ain't No Sunshine (7110 words) by chatterboxrose [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Rachel Berry

Alternative Universe where people have an outward manifestation of their negative emotions, Blaine Anderson hates seeing people with their Emotional Clouds. So much that he likes to cheer up complete strangers to make them go away. But one bad day he gets his own rain cloud and doesn’t have an umbrella and someone else comes to his aide to do the same for him.